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The 4 Questions: Quickstart Guide

The 4 Questions Quickstart Guide is an infographic that will get you and your colleagues quickly up and running with the principles developed for changing attitudes in society towards hearing care. One of the main benefits of the 4 Questions is to accelerate the time it takes for people to begin using hearing aids. How? By shifting what it means to use hearingtechnology from a symbol of having a condition to a symbol of life.

Shows at a glance which types of hearing care messages create an AVOID response from society and how to create an APPROACH response.

Sharing the Quickstart Guide

You are very welcome to distribute the Quickstart Guide and print it off for your own personal use or for sharing with your team, but please don't modify it without permission.

If you would like to publish the Quickstart Guide or distribute to a wider audience, please Contact us explaining how you would like to use it.

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