creating a new social norm for hearing care
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Modernising Attitudes to Hearing Care

Join others in shaping the future of how society sees and uses hearing care, and help create the right conditions for attitudes to change.
This forum discusses the language we use within hearing care to ensure it's having the effect we intend.

Whenever we hear or read a word, it triggers thoughts based on its similarity with other words and associations we have learnt during the course of our lives. These word-triggered thoughts affect our attitudes, our feelings, and even our behaviour.

So when it comes to hearing care, it's important to know that our words are sending the right signals. The words we use should encourage a positive (or at least neutral) response and must avoid reinforcing negative attitudes or stereotypes which turn people off.
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by Curtis Alcock
5 years 3 months ago
This forum looks at the messages it presents to society about their hearing.

Other healthcare fields such as optics and dentistry have been successful in presenting messages that have now become "common knowledge" by society.

Hearing care must do the same. What messages should we presenting? How do we make them memorable? How do we get those messages out there?
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This forum is for discussing how hearing care can reach the widest possible audience, so that our messages begin to permeate through society to become "common knowledge" and so create a social norm.
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This forum is for discussing ways in which hearing care can make it easier for people to access products and services.
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by Mitzi
4 years 2 weeks ago
This forum discusses how hearing care can make itself relevant to as many people in society as possible. Being relevant is an important factor in changing attitudes. If society only seeks out hearing care "when they notice a problem", it's often too late.

So what can we do to encourage people to have relevant encounters with hearing care throughout life? What can we learn from other health care professions?
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by Ian Clark
5 years 5 months ago
This is forum to share your own real world examples of how attitudes towards hearing care are changing. Your examples will give other participants inspiration and encouragement. It also helps us all to learn from one another: to see what works and what doesn't.

So let us know evidence you have seen of changes. Perhaps people are coming into your practice with a more positive attitude. Perhaps they are finding it easier to accept the benefits of hearing technology. Or they're coming in for routine hearing checks. Or you're attracting a different demographic.

Let us know what you are doing differently and the effect it's having.
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by Ian Clark
5 years 5 months ago
General discussion on what hearing care is all about.
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Modernising Attitudes to Hearing Care
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