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The Five Key Drivers of Attitudes Towards Hearing

Our attitudes to hearing care have five key drivers:

  • KNOWLEDGE – Our current knowledge about hearing.
  • LANGUAGE – The language we use to describe matters relating to hearing.
  • EFFECT – The effect that a reduction in hearing has.
  • ABILITY TO TREAT – Our current ability to treat a reduction in hearing.
  • RESPECT – How much respect we have for our sense of hearing.

As an aid memorisation, these five drivers spell out the acronym KLEAR. These five drivers are often interdependent, as shown in Figure 1 below.


For example, our current ability to treat reduced hearing has a direct impact on the effect that reduced hearing has on ourselves and on others. Likewise, the language we use to describe hearing difficulties will contribute to the overall effect that reduced hearing has on someone, sometimes even preventing an individual from seeking available treatment.

Of particular importance are the two primary drivers:

  • Our current understanding of hearing.
  • Our current ability to treat reduced hearing.

These drivers are identified as primary because they are less dependent on other drivers and therefore have a disproportionate influence on general attitudes towards hearing: as our understanding of hearing develops – through ongoing research, education and awareness programmes – and as our ability to treat reduced hearing evolves through improvements in technology and better availability of hearing care, these factors will organically affect attitudes to hearing.

However, by understanding the five key drivers and their interaction with one another, that process can be significantly accelerated.

{tab=For Discussion}

  • What do you think is the most important driver in determining attitudes towards hearing?
  • What do you think is the biggest hindrance to changing attitudes?
  • Do you know of any research into attitudes towards heairng or hearing care that may be helpful?
  • Do you think there is another driver that is not covered by the drivers indentified above?



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