creating a new social norm for hearing care
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Society currently takes hearing so much granted that our young people are needlessly throwing away their hearing, adults are left to fade away because the importance of their hearing is ignored, and the Deaf get excluded because society fails to make itself "connectable".

Are we stuck with this outdated social norm? Or can we change it?

Thought-provoking presentation with the potential to forever transform the way society regards hearing. Includes insights into the underlying drivers and practical recommendations.


This presentation was given at 5th International Oticon Conference 2012 to around 500 hearing care professionals from around the world on 25 August 2012 at the Copenhagen Opera House in Denmark.

The total running time is just over 1 hour and is segmented into 6 parts for easy viewing.

Though it may be tempting just to watch the first part, we highly recommend watching the presentation in its entirety as it contains never-before presented material that has been developed to equip and empower hearing care professionals, hearing aid manfucturers, social marketers and charities to forever change the way the public think about hearing aids.

Audira would like to thank Oticon for the opportunity to share this message with a wider audience and for making the video of the presentation available.

IncreasingFootfallBrand new material, this annotated presentation explores how Hearing Care Providers can increase the number of people accessing their services whilst at the same time influencing a change in wider society's attitudes to hearing care.

The presentation looks at where footfall will come from, who the target audience needs to be, and what key messages and key goals need to achieved in order to create the right conditions for a domino effect, where new attitudes to hearing care are allowed to spread through society 'by themselves'.

Although presented within the context of the United Kingdom, many of the underlying principles are both practical and revelatory and so will be of relevance whichever country you are based in.

Developers of hearing technology, charities involved in hearing care, and policy makers will also find value in the presentation.

Download Increasing Footfall by Changing Attitudes [pdf]

How to change attitudes to hearing care presentationEssential viewing for all those involved in hearing care, particularly in the UK.

This presentation explains the theory and practice of how attitudes towards hearing care can be shaped and changed within society in order to develop a culture in which the majority respect their hearing, and do everything they can to keep their hearing working at its optimum throughout life.

The presentation will be suitable for audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, charities involved in hearing care, GPs and doctors, ENT consultants, marketing and PR professionals involved with hearing care, and health ministers. It may also be of interest to users of hearing care.