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How to Change Attitudes to Hearing Care

How to change attitudes to hearing care presentationEssential viewing for all those involved in hearing care, particularly in the UK.

This presentation explains the theory and practice of how attitudes towards hearing care can be shaped and changed within society in order to develop a culture in which the majority respect their hearing, and do everything they can to keep their hearing working at its optimum throughout life.

The presentation will be suitable for audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, charities involved in hearing care, GPs and doctors, ENT consultants, marketing and PR professionals involved with hearing care, and health ministers. It may also be of interest to users of hearing care.

Part 1 looks at whether or not it's possible to change attitudes to hearing care and how attitudes are formed differently depending on how relevant the subject is to someone.
Part 2 looks at the current relevance of hearing care in society and the impact this is having on current attitudes. It also looks at the importance of using our words and messages to trigger the right thought processes in our audience in order to help people form the correct attitude to hearing care.
Part 3 looks at the principles of "sticky messages", "repeated associations", "an audience's prior thoughts" and "labels and stereotypes" and how they affect attitudes, particularly in relation to hearing care.
Part 4 looks at how the way we "frame" our message affects our audience's perception and subsequent response. It then looks at examples of words and messages currently used in hearing care that put people off hearing care before summing up with 5 key principles hearing care professionals can put into effect to help modernise society's attitudes to hearing care.

Other Formats

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Curtis Alcock

Curtis J. Alcock is Founder of Audira » Think Tank for Hearing.

He was involved in design and marketing for 12 years before making the transition into hearing care nearly 12 years ago. He now runs an independent family-run hearing care practice in the United Kingdom and has spoken internationally on shaping the future of hearing care.

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