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Staying Connected: Rethinking Hearing and Deafness Featured


Society currently takes hearing so much granted that our young people are needlessly throwing away their hearing, adults are left to fade away because the importance of their hearing is ignored, and the Deaf get excluded because society fails to make itself "connectable".

Are we stuck with this outdated social norm? Or can we change it?

Thought-provoking presentation with the potential to forever transform the way society regards hearing. Includes insights into the underlying drivers and practical recommendations.


First presented at the European Parliament in Brussels in April 2013, at a meeting hosted by MEP Dr Ádám Kósa that included policy-makers, users of hearing care, hearing technology manufacturers and hearing care professionals.

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Curtis Alcock

Curtis J. Alcock is Founder of Audira » Think Tank for Hearing.

He was involved in design and marketing for 12 years before making the transition into hearing care nearly 12 years ago. He now runs an independent family-run hearing care practice in the United Kingdom and has spoken internationally on shaping the future of hearing care.

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